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Fanny M. at the Off d’Avignon ! with FEVIS

Tuesday 18 Jul 2023

8.30 PM

Avignon (84)

Collection Lambert, 5 rue Violette

Fanny M. at the Off d’Avignon! With Emilie Chevrillon, in concert-reading version.

Co-produced with the FEVIS – Concerts ” Interférences “.

Immerse yourself in the intimacy of composers as you read their correspondence.

QAH gives voice to those whom history has rendered inaudible. It reveals the artistic life of a voice that had to fight to be heard, and gives voice to the silence of another, a beloved yet invisible woman.
A composer of genius, Fanny Mendelssohn, born at a time when the roles of wife and mother were reserved for women. Even her brother Felix recognized her immense talent, but fearing it might surpass his own, he preferred to reassure her in her role as housewife…
The mysterious identity of an unknown woman who fueled passions and contributed to the craze surrounding Ludwig van Beethoven. On his death, the composer left a feverish love letter, the addressee of which will never be known…

Fanny M. puts women back at the side of their alter egos.
In this concert-reading, Ludwig van Beethoven’s Quartet Op. 18 No. 1, Richard Dubugnon’s melodrama Lettre à l’Immortelle Bien Aimée and Fanny Mendelssohn’s Quartet in E-flat Major resonate with Ludwig’s, Fanny’s and Felix’s letters, plunging us into the intimacy of composer and composer, and exposing the complexities of one’s heart and the other’s struggle.