Visual : Pierre Soulages, Painting 162 x 724 cm, November 1996, Oil on canvas

Belongs to the painter, on deposit at the Soulages Museum, Rodez

©Paris, Adagp 2023

Becoming the QAH was a true quest ; starting from scratch in 2001, with no repertoire, no sponsor, no clarinet quartet as a reference, but with the spirit of a brass band and camaraderie, akin to a sports team preparing for a shared adventure, the QAH climbed the steps one by one to become the unique quartet it is today.

From the village halls and churches of its beginnings to the Salle Cortot, Salle Gaveau, Montpellier Opera, Tours, Arsenal de Metz, Maison de la Radio, and TV experiences on Arte and France 2, the QAH has accomplished phenomenal work. A career that began 22 years ago but took on a new dimension in 2019, particularly by collaboration with Pierre Colombet from the Quatuor Ebène, working alongside him and receiving recognition from a segment of the musical world that had not yet discovered its full talent.

In its vibrant third decade, the Quatuor Anches Hantées has managed to establish itself as a true bridge between rigor, tradition, innovation and modernity. It now combines youth, experience, and artistic maturity.

Fanny M, created and recorded in the autumn of 2022, will now coexist alongside Strauss&Co, which will also come to life this season (featuring classical, contemprorary and hip-hop dancers). The QAH’s success lies in finding the balance between dense programs (often intended for knowledgeable music enthusiasts) and more open and eclectic forms (for the general public). It extends a hand to all audiences, bringing them together to create the audience of tomorrow.

The QAH has turned a page and hesitates no more to borrow from the repertoire. The QAH’s repertoire belongs to them; it is a lever, a tool for self-expression.

23/24 will continue to be open to all audiences, with an ever-stronger commitment to inclusion. Nevertheless, this season will mark the beginning of a new era with these two new programs, and the foundations of an exciting new creation to come, based on The Nutcracker.

The Quartet

Nicolas Châtelain

1st clarinet

Sarah Lefèvre

2nd clarinet

Bertrand Laude

Basset horn

Elise Marre

Bass clarinet

Coming soon...