Educational activities and cultural mediation are at the heart of the Quatuor Anches Hantée’s artistic activity, inseparable from its stage presence. Whether it be workshops around the instruments, didactic concerts for young and old, Music and Theatre, Music and Body workshops or clarinet or chamber music masterclasses, the relationship with the audience goes beyond the simple concert and the encounter allows for the building of unsuspected bridges.

Orage à 4 Voix – educational concert

orage a 4

Discovering the instruments, a repertoire that varies from period to period and from inspiration to inspiration, the secrets of the quartet and of chamber music… Young and old will know everything!

Masterclasses – Clarinet and chamber music

For a day or a weekend, students will have fun playing together, experimenting with their power of communication and the possibilities of influencing each other. The Quartet emphasizes listening as a tool among others to play together, communication through playing, choice of phrasing and colors, sound as expression.

Pictogramme surdité

Deafness and accessibility

Quatuor Anches Hantées strives to address all audiences, and disabled audiences play an important role in the cultural activities it develops, whether in social centers, prisons or hospitals.

Among these audiences, one audience takes a predominant place : the deaf and hard of hearing audience, almost totally excluded from the concert in general.

Magalie Lacoste, as part of a residency at the Vieux Palais in Espalion

The Quartet has equipment capable of amplifying the vibrations of the instruments (Subpac and SSP6) which thus proposes a transcription of the music to this public. Numerous meetings in specialized institutions but also in theaters are organized. Deaf people, artists, but also technicians of theaters and of the company Timmpi (manufacturer of vibratory material) meet there and so make progress together in technologies.

A first contact in workshops is essential before concerts for the deaf and hard of hearing public.

Discovery of the instruments, sensitization to the vibrations by sight and touch, first contact with the vibratory material and test of the clarinets, the magic operates!

in progress and to come

The QAH initiates at the Scène Nationale de Narbonne a cycle of discovery of vibratory material. Through the cinema, which already has a deaf public during certain appointments, the musicians and the team of the theater, by proposing test sessions, will invite this public to workshops of discovery of the music. The sessions will take place during the Quartet’s working residencies. The idea of the musical ensemble is to make the structures autonomous in this specific reception.

With the theater of the City of Paris and institutions such as the INJS (National Institute for Young Deaf People), the QAH will be at the center of long-term projects that will lead to a performance of the children in the theater, thus developing a musical practice for deaf children and an immersion in the world of the spectacle and creation.

In 2022 and 2023, the Quatuor Anches Hantées will be on tour for its Strauss and Co program with three dancers from three different aesthetics: classical, contemporary and hip-hop. They will join forces to propose an extension of the workshops to the corporal aspect, as much for the disabled public as for the deaf public.