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Strauss&Co, work in progress (QAH+HipHop)

Sunday 30 Jul 2023

11 AM

Auzelles (63)

Auzel'la Culture

Before the creation of the choreographed version of Strauss&Co in December 2023, the QAH proposes a “work in progress” version with the hiphop artist Brian Montarou.

For the past 20 years, the ANCHES HANTEES Quartet has been investing Johann Strauss’ work through numerous transcriptions that regularly mark its programs. But musicians are not the only ones to admire the composer: Brahms, Verdi as well as Richard Strauss, Berg or Webern also had a fascination for this immense melodist. The QAH is working on a program evoking Strauss’ influence in all its facets.

How does he shimmer in the repertoire and still today? How did the waltz and polka, originally popular, spread through music (or perhaps dance) to the courts of Europe and beyond, making Strauss a superstar? How do the shifts from the street (popular/traditional/urban) to the concert hall (the scholar) take place? The QAH surrounds itself with its arrangers to unearth and transcribe for its formation the nuggets of a repertoire marked by the Strauss dynasty.

The young composer Charles-David Wajnberg joins them for a creation that will raise this question of influences and will serve as a thread for the program. The writing, in contrast to the rich melodic writing of Strauss, will allow each aesthetic to be highlighted.

On the program: Franz Lehar, Johann Strauss, Charles-David Wajnberg, Johannes Brahms…