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Pass Culture : STRAUSS & CO – Music, Ballet Shoes, and Sneakers

Friday 21 Jun 2024

1 pm

Balma (31132)


Three dancers – classical, hip-hop, and contemporary – blend, confront, and intertwine their movements with four musicians. A choreography emerges where the spirit of the Waltz roams, and energy flows between arts and aesthetics, between sounds and movements. In this flamboyant ballet, the seven artists narrate how the waltz and polka, originally popular dances, spread to all the courts of Europe and beyond, elevating Strauss to superstar status. They thus invite the audience to ponder the permeability of genres and explore how shifts occur from the street to concert halls.

We know his waltzes, his polkas, his operettas, but what did Johann Strauss leave behind from his creativity aside from his works? What did he transmit? Initiate? Many of his contemporaries and successors were fascinated by this extraordinary melodist, admired him, and were inspired by him: Brahms, Verdi, Richard Strauss, but also Webern and Berg. Let us attempt to connect them, also interpreting Lehár, Hellmesberger, Lumbye, and revealing the imprint of Strauss through all these aesthetics. A creation by Charles-David Wajnberg will open up new dimensions in the concert time, adding the now-electronic sounds of the clarinet to the melodic writing of the late 19th century.

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