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Pas si Classique

Saturday 5 Feb 2022


Briare (45)

Auditorium Jean Poulain

Have you always wanted to know what the weather was like when
Brahms composed his Opus 119? To know why Tchaikovsky
didn’t write a single note of music for the clarinet? And
understand why an actor is NEVER invited to share the stage with
share the stage with musicians?
It is through the intermediary of an erudite presenter of a touching anachronism
(a sort of Mr. Tati in a tuxedo) that you will cheerfully penetrate
the world of the works and their transcription.
It is because he is a perfect reflection of the audience,
of his doubts and his interrogations, of his jubilations,
that he is immediately endearing to us and that we follow him
in his backwards pedagogy.

On an eclectic program, the concert gives the public the opportunity to discover classics as well as lesser-known masterpieces by great composers.
masterpieces by great composers.

In all cases, the music is the winner; everyone leaves the concert
to have learned with a smile, to have discovered and heard
and heard works that are more difficult to access and to have
– This is, in our opinion, the most important thing – to have become acquainted with the performers.