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Four Voices Storm

Saturday 7 Oct 2023

11.00 AM

Decazeville (12)

Media Library

The Young Audience is not always homogeneous and the social diversity is much greater than for a General Public since these children come most of the time within the framework of the school and not accompanied by their family.

This is why the concert must have several levels of reading, in the manner of the great animated films that have proved their worth, each child has the possibility of finding his or her way.

In what state of mind are children invited to the classical music concert? Often they have been warned, threatened: no talking, no moving, no noise… in short, hell!

The Haunted Reeds will show them that they can move if they dance, speak if they are challenged, that the concert is alive and, quite naturally, they will lead them to listen carefully if a piece is played for Sleeping Beauty… Shhhhh…

You can hear the sound of the breath making the reeds vibrate.

They propose a “real” concert articulated around 6 pieces of the repertoire (Grieg, Strauss, Ravel, Debussy, Bernstein, Connesson…) by varying the times and the inspirations.

As they do with the general public, they present the works and the instruments in a simple and attractive way.

One piece is reminiscent of a musical, another of a dance, a sailor in a storm, and a bunch of unusual sounds that can be made by blowing into this wooden tube.

As soon as the atmosphere is set, they begin to give the secrets of the quartet and chamber music.