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Festival Ehpad’ons Nous!

Monday 18 Sep 2023

3 PM

Melun (77)

Ehpad Edme Porta

Nearly 3 billion people have been confined to the planet, no longer free to move about. And if viruses know no borders, neither does music.

Listening to or playing music can be a way of escaping, of mentally escaping, of momentarily forgetting the situation and the difficulties of crisis and confinement, and thus of preserving a good mental balance. But above all, music is a formidable vector of social bonding.

In the current situation, what could be better than to create a music festival in places where people rarely go, to bring a moment of happiness to people who are particularly isolated at the moment. To share this moment with as many people as possible, the festival will also be digital, broadcast in real time over the Internet. It will be an opportunity to visit little-known places and meet the men and women who bring them to life.

It’s also an opportunity to promote local artists and bring culture to life in this exceptional situation.

Last but not least, because culture is all about sharing, Internet users will also be able to express themselves by sharing their creations, whatever they may be (text, painting, photo, drawing, cooking, etc.) via a digital exhibition on a dedicated platform.

Let’s take advantage of this culturally amorphous period to share a common experience of this health crisis by creating bonds of solidarity and fraternity together.