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Our new musical propositions for 2015

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Public demand for an encore manifests itself at times in ever-growing applause at times “in rhythm” or “in cadence,” with or without screams…

The audience is free to express its enthusiasm. The power of the emotions experienced (often very subdued in classical music concerts) suddenly surges at this moment! What does the musician feel when the roles are reversed and it’s up to the audience to give?

It’s always up to the artist to return (or not) and play something… But what? Does the choice depend on the intensity of the applause, or the desire at the moment? If the musician announces the title, he hears a few claps or shouts (of satisfaction) or whispers (“What did he say?”) because only the first few rows have heard. If he doesn’t announce the name of the song, a slight tumult stirs through the crowd (“Do you know this song?” or “Is it a Debussy prelude?”).

In this program, the Anches Hantées will make you relive more than 10 years of the most common “encores” they have ever encountered, without forgetting second or third encores! You will play guessing games, discover the anecdotes about the works and their interpretations, or create your own program, because the works will be presented like a menu, and you get to choose the pieces “à la carte” by shouting! The public should be heard!

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